About safnet

Stephen in an old chair in Brussels (2007).

safnet began life in 1998 as a means for Stephen A. Fuqua (saf) to have a more permanent location on the Internet (+ net → safnet), independent of universities. It has been a vehicle for advertising availability for web consulting, an aggregator of blogs managed by Stephen, and a host to one of the earlier web sites dedicated to the Bahá'í faith. Today it serves two purposes:

  1. Allows for continuance of the personal and technical blogs, which have been running since 2003 and provide an outlet for writing about social issues, book reviews, programming solutions, and occasionally sharing entertaining tidbits; the audience is primarily myself: writing for its own sake, and to hone my ability to communicate.
  2. To save my place in cyberspace: even if steadily employed, in today's corporate landscape it seems best to keep this presence alive, to try to maintain some level of marketability.