Kept the Drunk Up For 41m

July 2, 2004

I just kept the drunk walking for a new personal record - 41m! Has anyone else tried this and gotten far? (for link see post "Raison D'être").


I just got him up for 71!

Keep up the good work on the site, and good luck with the move.


i must be a drunk a heart... 112 & 97... there's a skill to be proud of!

ps, by the way, fyi & a word of caution to nathan... i don't know if you've got a messed up link to some other game, but the one i've been playing you try to "keep" the drunk up, not "get" the drunk up, that sounds, well, how should i say... neither meet nor seemly, how about that... ;)

106... "kept the drunk from falling"... maybe i'd better work now... :|

Neo = Nehemiah, not Nathan, FYI. Nathan = MIA.

Wow, yes, you need to get back to work!

my apologies, brother! i thought i was reading "nato", that's what i get for thinking! how's life in the land of tea?

119... now i'm really getting back to work... i promise, i have worked between these last entries... i'm a good person... a productive citizen... honest...

Wow, 119, I'm not gonna try to compete with that. I can't seem to break 80. It must be my mouse. Yeah that's it! My mouse is broken!
I had some Chinese Tea today and it was nice. I'm visiting the U.S. later this month, but unfortunately not your neck of the woods. Maybe next year.