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Jon Stewart on Crossfire

October 25, 2004

I had read about it, I had heard about it, and tonight I finally watched it: Jon Stewart on CNN's Crossfire (Courtesy of ifilm.com). I'm sure its been all over the blogosphere and I'm probably the last blogger in the world to notice it, but that's okay. I'm sure opinions range, but I probably rank in the majority of bloggers in saying "right on, Jon."

Call for International Grassroots Spirituality

October 19, 2004

I have traditionally been an apologist for the United Nations, but lately I have been forced to question my unconditional support. While the U.N.'s mission is entirely laudable, its execution — particularly in regards to peacekeeping — seems to fall short. We have seen U.N. failures in Korea, Vietnam, the former Yugoslavia, Rwanda, and more. What has brought this about? Is the whole system flawed? Who is more to blame — the bureaucracy or the nations that are "united"? Perhaps these are not the questions to ask. Instead, I suggest that we ask — where is the grassroots appeal, and where is the recognition of human spirituality?

Minnesota Cold

October 17, 2004

Its 39° F outside on October 17, 2004 in Saint Paul, Minnesota. One year ago, in Austin, Texas, the low temperature was 63 with a high of 83. That is a middling temperature for October, on the low side. Halloween hit 90° (admittedly a record high). Today I saw snow flurries, something I saw once this past winter in Austin. I'm really in for it this year.

It Can Happen To You

October 17, 2004

Two weeks ago our car was broken into at a park. Laptop, wallet, keys, and more stolen. We didn't think it could happen to us. We thought we were playing it safe. Oh, and my system backups were sorely inadequate.

Day Three at Augeo Affinity Marketing

October 7, 2004

Lunch Break, Day Three at Augeo Affinity Marketing, Saint Paul, Minnesota — Things are going well at the new job. We've been in Minnesota about 7 weeks now, though I didn't re-start the job hunt in earnest till several weeks after we moved. Thus it was with some surprise that I received about phone calls and e-mails from about a dozen recruiters starting two weeks ago, and even more surprising when I received two excellent job offers last week. What a bounty to get two offers in the tech industry in this day and age!

First Post from the New Job

October 5, 2004

Brief post... first one from the job I started today at Augeo Affinity Marketing. Title: Data Analyst/Programmer. More details later.

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