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Reforming the Environmental Movement

November 30, 2004

At WorldChanging, Alex Steffen offers up excellent suggestions on reforming the environmental movement in his article Reframing the Planet, asking, "Environmentalism has been getting sand kicked in its face on the political beach for too long now. How do we beef it up?". Answering his own question, Steffen offers the beginnings of concrete ways that the greens can appeal to the American public.

Before my iBook was stolen, I had an essay in the works about the relationship of the environmental and interfaith/religious movements. Sadly that piece is gone and I've not had time to reformulate it. Below are two of the central points I was working towards.

Left Behind

November 28, 2004

In Wednesday's New York Times (2004-11-24), editorialist Nicholas D. Kristoff wrote about the Left Behind series of books (and assorted merchandise), which are the best selling books for adults in the United States. These books paint a grim picture of the Second Coming of Christ based on the authors' interpretations of some passages in the Gospels and, in particular, the revelatory language of St. John the Divine.

Worst Defeat Ever

November 22, 2004

If you know the voice of The Collector from The Simpsons, please invoke it now. Worst defeat ever (in soccer).

Recommendations: "Blinded By Science", "The Optimism of

November 16, 2004

I have a couple of article recommendations for you all*: Blinded By Science: How 'Balanced' Coverage Lets the Scientific Fringe Hijack Reality; The Optimism of Uncertainty. Plus a few small comments…

Elections, Fundamentalism, and the Interfaith Movement

November 11, 2004

The United Religions Initiative is an international organization whose purpose is "to promote enduring, daily interfaith cooperation, to end religiously motivated violence and to create cultures of peace, justice and healing for the Earth and all living beings." Just as everywhere else, there has been a good deal of discussion amongst URI members about the recent U.S. elections. The following letter is my personal response to the onrush of "mandates", "values", and "misinformation," calling for the interfaith movement itself to reach out to those who do not normally partcipate, calling for an internal dialogue to accompany the external work of interreligious organizations.

Kyoto Ratified - What Next?

November 7, 2004

The Kyoto Protocol has been ratified by Russia. What happens now? What changes will we see, what effects will it have on the United States, and what comes next?

Did Diebold Strike?

November 3, 2004

In pondering the voting situation this morning, I had to ask myself what happened — the polls had been showing a Kerry victory in Florida and Ohio, amongst other places. Why were they so wrong? [Disclaimer: this is an observation, not a complaint. In this forum I intend to remain officially disinterested in the outcome from a partisan or political viewpoint.]

Conservation of Water in Islam

November 1, 2004

Do not the Unbelievers see that the heavens and the earth were joined together (as one unit of creation), before we clove them asunder? We made from water every living thing. Will they not then believe? (Qu'rán, Al-Anbia' 21:30).

Thus begins "Water Conservation as a Religious Duty".

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