Snowfall; House Hunting 3

February 14, 2005

Last night they predicted .5" of snow. We got three very wet inches of snow. Which means it stuck to the trees most beautifully.

The winter has been disappointing; we've only had three snowfalls of more than 1", I think. This one blew in and is almost entirely melted away now, thanks to the fact that it never actually got below freezing all night and today (though it will tonight, you can be sure).

Here are some pictures of the snow. Actually quite a pretty scene, even if it is a parking lot. The third picture is taken from inside, so is a bit grainy due to the window. Be sure to click on the photo for a larger view.

Oh, and for those who are eagerly curious: we have the house officially under contract now, and had a satisfactory inspection. Looks like all is well for now, though there are still hurdles (mortgage, insurance, etc.) to come. Thank you sharing for sharing our excitement! FYI, it is in the northern (safer) part of the Hamline-Midway neighborhood.


yes, quite pretty. thanks for sharing, stephen. :)

Great news about the house deal. Congrats.

Congrats, Stephen! If you haven't already, check out the Midway Perkins. I spent the majority of the summer after my senior year of high school at that Perkins. But, you'll have to go before midnight now. Jeff can tell you about the time we got there at 12:05 and found it locked. We didn't really know what to do with ourselves at that point.