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March 28, 2005

I have a follow-up on the theologically-tinged posts from earlier in the month... but haven't had time to type it up yet. Working on the next issue of InterfaithNews.Net. In the meantime, here are several resources worth passing on:

Please Support the Darfur Accountability Act

March 21, 2005

Approximately one year ago, many of us in the United States began to learn of the atrocities being committed in the Darfur region of Sudan. In June of 2004, the U.S. Congress labeled these acts genocide, international observers began investigating, and aid agencies began received more funds for their relief efforts. Many thought that would be the end of the crisis.

The Return of Race

March 15, 2005

For years I have heard people declare that there is "no such thing as race" and been uncomfortable with that bold declaration. While the intentions are pure — by removing race, one ostensibly removes the reasons for discrimination — and science has by and large agreed, I've always asked myself: "if there is no such thing as race, how come I can tell with 99% certainty what continent, and often what region, almost anyone's ancestors come from?" In the op-ed A Family Tree in Every Gene, evolutionary biologist Armand Marie Leroi takes on this notion by demonstrating the biological evidence for race and the modern medical and sociological implications thereof.

Re-Ligare: to Bind Back, or Re-Bind

March 8, 2005

The past few days have been more bearable without coffee than the first few. It is only coincidence that I am drinking a Starbucks mocha as I write. So we see one of the physical effects of fasting – caffeine deprivation. What of the spiritual? At its best, fasting is an enlightening and liberating experience. At its worst it is an extreme trial. I’m trying to make it a period of spiritual revitalization.

Jonesing for Coffee / 10th Baha'i Fast

March 3, 2005

Way back in 1994 I recognized that I was essentially already a Bahá'í, so sometime in the waning days of November I officially joined the Bahá'í community. The next spring I fasted for the first time — Bahá'ís over the age of 15 are expected to fast from sunup to sundown for 19 days (3/2 - 3/20) every year. Thus today is the second day of my tenth Fast. And I really miss my coffee.

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