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In Spirit

April 24, 2005

A lonely flame chases away
The velvet embrace of dark
Claws extending toward my spirit.

Spirit not only lives but
Dies as the fire extinguished
By imbalance of nourishment.

The dancing gaiety ebbs every
So often blow the bellows,
Resuscitate soul, psyche, spirit.

Though she burns she is not sun,
Rather radiant rays of moonlinght
Captured under forests' eaves.

The forest is the father of my
Fears and bearer of my hopes,
Nursemaid of my dreams.

O live on forest!
Live on my hopes, my dreams!
Even the whispering fears too,
For ye are all but one—
In spirit.

by the way, this doesn't represent my current state of mind, just a place I've been before…

Pope John Paul II; Media Coverage of URI and Darfur

April 20, 2005

Egads, busy couple of weeks! A lot going on in the world, as always, and at work and in the local Baha'i community and so on. Pope Benedict in Europe, genocide and Marburg's disease in Africa, a new "native" reserve in northern Brazil, more saber-rattling in South Korea... Anyway, not to blow my own horn, but in case you're curious, you might be interested in reading an article I wrote (well, with a great deal of beneficial editing!) about Pope John Paul II (The Great Bridge Maker) in the second issue of Spiritual Degrees. Also, read on for exciting media coverage of the United Religions Initiative and Darfur.

URI Global Council Endorses Darfur Unity Statement

April 11, 2005

My first press release =). Sent out Thursday/Friday/Saturday (depending on the news agency).

April 7, 2005. San Francisco, USA - The United Religions Initiative Global Council in March voted to endorse the Darfur Unity Statement in recognition of the continuing necessity for international intervention in the Darfur region of Sudan. Originally signed by over 100 non-governmental agencies in July of 2004, the Save Darfur Coalition's Unity Statement remains relevant today with over two million refugees in need of aid and death toll estimates in the region now exceeding 300,000 (the statement can be found at www.savedarfur.org).

Contextualizing Globalization

April 5, 2005

When the anti-globalization riots occurred in Seattle in the late 90’s, it seemed that none of the major news reports bothered saying just what they were protesting against. Yes, they said “globalization,” but nothing about why the protesters saw globalization as a rampant evil. Thankfully I was part of a few networks that touched on this movement and passed its news on, so I knew that it wasn’t just creeping materialism they were against, and it wasn’t development per se that they hated: rather, it was the wholesale exploitation of third world countries for the continuing benefit of the first world, and, increasingly, specific transnational corporations. Postcards From The Global Food System (#3) at WorldChanging last week brought this all back, and serves as a terrific introduction to the problems of globalization without regard for local conditions, cultures, and needs.

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