Addicted to Reading

August 24, 2005

Are you addicted to reading? I am. I told myself a few days ago "don't do it! Don't pick up Order of the Phoenix right now, you have too much to do!" Alas, I listened to my external id/enabler and picked it up. Now, if my id is in the house, then I’ll feel shamed by her presence into putting the book down and getting on with other uses of my time. But since I dropped her off at the airport last night, I ended up spending the rest of the evening reading instead.

Until a few weeks ago, I had only read Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, though I had seen all three movies. My id borrowed the rest of the books from a friend. I picked up Goblet of Fire and of course loved it. Then last week I backtracked to Prisoner of Azkaban. Definitely worth reading it; there were some important points not mentioned in the movie (e.g. explanation of Messrs. Moony, Wormtail, Proudfoot and Prongs).

Maybe tonight I’ll convince myself to put down the book. Lot of work to catch up on, especially InterfaithNews.Net, which is several weeks overdue.


I wish my id was as strong as yours, I recently delayed writing a paper to finish The Half Blood Prince. Truly, you should start again and read the set from beginning to end. Its worth it.

Well, she is strong as an id in terms of influencing me to pick up the book. But she's not always an id, and her silent presence as she does homework kicks the superego into action, pulling me back up from the couch...

FYI, for anyone not sure what about this "id" thing:

The Id (Latin, "it" in English, "Es" in the original German) represented primary process thinking — our most primitive need gratification type thoughts. The Id, Freud stated, constitutes part of one's unconscious mind. It is organized around primitive instinctual urges of sexuality, aggression and the desire for instant gratification or release. (source: WikiPedia)

Thus a friend, perhaps in fact the very commenter above, began speaking of an external id — that person who goads you into doing what you really want to do but also know maybe you shouldn't. Devil on the shoulder =).

Stephen - love your id description.