Earliest Measurable Snow

August 2, 2005

The earliest trace amounts of snow in the Twin Cities fell on Sepember 15, 1916. That's still summer! The earliest measurable snowfall was September 24, 1985, with 0.4 inches. Last year there were 2.3 inches of snow through the end of December (and nothing till late November). I wonder which kind of year we'll have? By local standards, its been a "hot" summer (94 today!). I hope we get enough snow this year to have time to go out and enjoy it! ("Be careful what you wish for," I know, I know!)

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The last few winters have been relatively mild here, and I can definitely notice a difference between the winters of my Minnesota childhood versus the winters of my adulthood. So yeah, we've not been getting any real snow until after Thanksgiving for the last 5 years or so, and not much snow overall throughout the winter. That does not mean, however, that Texan transplants won't be feeling a good strong bite in November...! My answer to all winter problems in Minnesota: Down jackets from Land's End!