Intelligent Evolution

August 29, 2005

My friend and sometimes correspondent Tom Mahon, a writer on technology and spirituality, recently put a brilliant essay on his blog about understanding evolution as both a scientific and spiritual force... without having to resort to "intelligent design" as it is traditionally approached. While the whole thing is excellent, I particularly enjoyed the phrase, "god (a placeholder word for a reality we can't fathom)." As a Bahá'í, I couldn't agree more with this assessment of the word "god." Bahá'u'lláh sayeth:

"Every attempt which, from the beginning that hath no beginning, hath been made to visualize and know God is limited by the exigencies of His own creation — a creation which He, through the operation of His own Will and for the purposes of none other but His own Self, hath called into being. Immeasurably exalted is He above the strivings of human mind to grasp His Essence, or of human tongue to describe His mystery." (Gleanings, p318)

Quoth myself (in commenting :-)

Wayne Dyer was on PBS yet again a few days ago. I caught him saying some junk about particles not being able to create more particles. Didn't hear the rest of the context as I burst into a rare yell at the TV: "don't talk about things you don't understand Dyer!" (weak force causes particles to "disintegrate" into other particles).

Tom, your essay doesn't make me want to scream and rant — it just makes me smile. It has been a while since I've agreed with any essay so whole-heartedly. I especially enjoyed your "placeholder" bit about G/god. And not one iota of misapplied physics (I'm not a real expert, but I do have an MA in the subject =).

(wish I could separate this a little better from the quote from Bahá'u'lláh, as it really does Him no justice to put my puny rant / non-rant next to it).