October 11, 2005

I had an e-mail just two weeks ago from an interfaith activist in Muzzafarabad, Pakistan (probably spelled wrong). Not a personal message mind you, but a message to the United Religions Initiative global community. And we won't know for weeks or months if that person is alive. Such is the case for so many thousands of people in the rural areas of Pakistan, India, and Afghanistan.

After so many huge disasters, and with so much fear about the economy and winter heating and petrol bills, the need for humanitarian aid is even greater than ever, but with less "disposable" income to go around. But I hope that we can all find ways to pitch in, even if only by foregoing a couple of mochas or dinner out one evening. As a friend suggested, even $5 helps UNICEF. Please pitch in. Again.

Perhaps a silver lining to this tragedy will be a renewed urgency in resolving the Kashmir dispute, from whence came reports of fresh fighting between militants and the Indian army just last week.

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I've been spending the last few days e-mailing and talking to all my Pakistani friends to make sure their families are okay. While all of their families were safe, I heard so many stories of their friends who had extended families wiped out in one stroke.

Many Kashmiris had already lost their tourism-related livelihoods through the shelling, now they have to lose their lives while the rest of the world hardly blinks.