United Religions Initiative - Organizational Design

December 12, 2005

I've slowly begun adding to the WikiPedia article on the United Religions Initiative. Last night I added this little piece on Organizational Design:

The URI is composed of over 300 Cooperation Circles (CCs) – groups of 7 or more individuals dedicated to the URI Preamble, Purpose, and Principles (collectively, the Charter). For administrative purposes, these CCs are divided into 8 regions:

Each region elects 3 Trustees to sit on the Global Council (GC), which functions as the Board of Directors for the United Religions Initiative, Inc. (a California 501(c)(3) non-profit organization). The GC is elected every 3 years; the most recent elections were held in 2005. In addition as serving as the fiscal agents for the global URI, the GC sets policy formal policy and approves new member CCs. The GC is defined by the URI Charter and Bylaws as primarily an advisor to the local CCs, rather than a command-and-control body.