January 5, 2006


(apologies to the Austin American Statesman for borrowing their photo for non-commercial purposes)

I wasn't there (Austin or LA) to see it, but the team I've been rooting for since I was an infant finally won its first national championship of my life, and won it in style. The Statesman has a great photo gallery. Vince Young - you got heart.


Hey Stephen, this is Adam's girlfriend Nikki. You'll remember me from sitting on the sidelines during soccer matches. Brian said you wanted to see pictures from the beautiful Tower all lit up in celebration.

Here they be:

HOOK 'EM! I was only able to see the first half since it gets broadcast so late on the east coast. Isn't it glorious! Lovin' it!!!

Despite my dad being a football fan, sports just never rubbed off on me. I think this is part of why I can't live in Texas anymore.


I graduated from UT same time as you!!! I only lived in OK because the military stationed me the armpit of America. I drove around with my longhorn license plate all over Norman and got all sorts of beef from those rude Sooners.