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An Inconvenient Truth and a Bike

June 16, 2006

Last weekend I went to see An Inconvenient Truth, Al Gore's movie on global climate change. I've been reading about global climate change (also slightly-misleadingly called "global warming") since I was in middle school and been both fascinated by climate science and horrified at society's inability to accept and come to grips with the likely ramifications of climate change. Thus I went to see the film more out of a sense of duty to the cause than out of an expectation to learn something new. But I did learn, and I came away better for it. This was a film I needed to see, and so does the rest of America.


June 12, 2006

Not your typical Conscientia fare: Skeletor. If you didn't grow up in the U.S. in the 80's, you just might not find the humor in this. But if you did, and you or someone in your house was a fan of the He-Man: Masters of the Universe series and yet have a wry sense of humor, then you just might enjoy The Skeletor Show on YouTube.

Situation of Baha'is in Iran Covered in the New York Times

June 4, 2006

Last Thursday, in a piece titled Iran's Bahai Religious Minority Says It Faces Raids and Arrests, the New York Times covered the growing persecution of the Bahá'ís of Iran:

Members of the Bahai religious minority in Iran said this week that the government had recently intensified a campaign of arrests, raids and propaganda that was aimed at eradicating their religion in Iran, the country of its birth."

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