Enjoying My Week Off

September 25, 2006

So I have a week off of work while in between jobs. Got out into the yard a bit today, though not enough for the beautiful day it was. Getting cold again on Wednesday (mid 50s instead of upper 60s), so I better get out more tomorrow.

But it was wonderful getting up a bit late, reading for a while this morning, and playing around with my website. Specifically, anyone reading the actual website (instead of an RSS feed) will notice that it has now been integrated into safnet.com look and feel. One of my (former) co-workers was bugged by switching designs, so I thought I might as well unify the site.

Anything else about this relatively new site design that bugs anyone? I don't have many commenters, but there are quite a few people visiting this blog, coming from all over the world. So if you have any complaints about the design, now's the time to air them!