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The Sensitive Carnivore

October 24, 2006

Reading Meat Labels Hope to Lure the Sensitive Carnivore, one could be left with the impression that consumers simply do not care or are unaware of the differences between regular meat, organic meat, and other labels indicating better animal welfare practices. Judging by the shelves at my Midwestern grocery store, this is not the case. The free range chicken regularly sells out, while the organic and natural chicken does not. Free range buffalo sells better than the merely "natural" beef right next to it. A whole line of organic meats was recently pulled back off the shelf, or moved away from the free range, because people simply were not buying it.

The Bab as a Young Student

October 19, 2006

Since 1844, millions of people around the world have considered the Báb to be one of the great Prophets of history — founder of his own independent religion and herald of another religion that would come after his own, the Bahá'í Faith. In the Gregorian calendar, He was born between sunset on the 19th and sunset on the 20th of October 1819, in Shiraz, Persia, and thus those followers consider the 20th to be one of a handful of Bahá’í holy days. On this holy day, I want to share a brief story from his childhood.

Worldchanging Tour: Minneapolis

October 18, 2006

For those who don't know, WorldChanging is one of my favorite websites and a real inspiration when it comes to environmental/sustainability activism. The writers at WorldChanging have, for several years, been presenting countless stories that highlight the dangers of environmental inbalance — but more importantly, their site brings even more stories of solutions, both those already in use and those that we could be seeing in coming years.

They have a book coming out in a few days that has hundreds of pages of stories, solutions, ideas, etc. for overcoming the slew of environmental challenges we face. Its topics range from green design to smart growth, from clean energy to sustainable agriculture, from women's rights to corporate responsibility. The book features a forward by Al Gore and an introduction by noted futurist/sci-fi author Bruce Sterling. And now they're going on a book tour.

First Snow, With Photos to Prove It

October 12, 2006

Yesterday, the 11th of October, we had our first snow. We haven't even had a frost in the plants yet, so they are still quite vivid and green. And here are the photos to prove it. (hint: I saved the best for last).

A Candle

October 7, 2006

Are you there?

All the darkness in the world cannot put out the smallest candle. The darker it is, more brightly shines the candle. instead of complaining about the dark search for your candle. Believe me; It exists.

Bloggers are plagued with people leaving "comment spam." Its hard enough to get good comments, but then you get hundreds of ones that are simply trying to drive up the search engine ratings of sex/drugs/etc web sites. Such was the post that contained the message above. And yet it is a fascinating, zen-like statement, worth reading a few times. In a careful search I cannot find this phrase appearing anywhere except as blog comments. Did some steal this from elsewhere, or did some spammer just come up with this gem on his own?

instead of complaining about the dark search for your candle.

Fast for Darfur

October 4, 2006

Here is another way to express solidarity with the victims of genocide in Darfur... and more. Please join me in pledging to fast on October 5th (Thursday). As many of you know, the Muslim fast of Ramadan is occurring at this time, and requires its adherents to fast from food and water from sunup to sundown. This action comes via Save Darfur and STAND. And if you have a few extra dollars that you can spend (even if just the cost of a meal), they'll give you an opportunity to donate to the Genocide Intervention Network after making your pledge.

was going to post this last night but accidentally missed it...

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