First Snow, With Photos to Prove It

October 12, 2006

Yesterday, the 11th of October, we had our first snow. We haven't even had a frost in the plants yet, so they are still quite vivid and green. And here are the photos to prove it. (hint: I saved the best for last).

Note: each picture can be clicked on to see a higher-resolution version.

This is admittedly a bit boring, but I love the contrast of colors.

Green man, ivies, and periwinkle. The periwinkle looks atrocious today, after the freeze last night. But they looked fantastic yesterday.

The same scene at the end of July

The gallardia, lavendar, and their little friends survived last night, but won't look as gorgeous as yesterday until April.

The village-idiot in the town of gargoyles is enjoying hiding amidst the verdant ferns and rustling maple leaves.

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Hi Stephen,
I hope all is well. We miss you at Augeo.
We did the big thd/keytag merge yesterday,
not too bad. keep in touch. I learned alot from you in a short time. Let me know how the job is going.