21 Inches of Snow; Fasting

March 3, 2007

So we've got nothing on Buffalo, I'll admit. But for me, 21 inches of snow in one week is rather impressive. We've been snowed in the last few days; technically we could have gotten out yesterday, as they actually plowed in the morning. But my back is unhappy enough with all the shoveling that I just couldn't face the thought of shoveling out the end of the driveway, where the plow had deposited a huge dam. So that meant working — and fasting — from home yesterday.

snow and street.jpg
The street is artificially darkened to highlight the mound of snow in the boulevard.

Last year during the Baha'i Fast I talked about its relationship to Lent, and the year before about Jonesing for Coffee during the Fast. I was hoping to write something about the Fast this year, but I have a hard time seeing that happen over the next three weeks. During the last few I've been ignoring everything but work and Harry Potter (for the most part). Reading Harry Potter to keep from completely stressing out while trying to finish projects that are due... Monday.

snow and driveway.jpg
Front yard...

I'm happy to say that I did not get a caffeine headache yesterday. That despite the fact that I am prone to them. Something about fasting... the spiritual attitude, maybe the extra water, some combination.

Its nearly noon and I should open up the notebook and get back to work.

snow and car.jpg
We swept off the car Thursday night, hence the difference in heights. Total accumulation since Wednesday night.

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PS. Its nearly all gone now. And I discovered a lovely puddle of fungus in one of the gardens where formerly there was coreopsis, I believe.