Speaking About Baha'i Services for Fallen Soldiers this Saturday on Weekend America

April 26, 2007

Bahá'ís are discouraged from serving in the military and cannot voluntarily take a combat role. Nevertheless, there have been and are Baha'is in the American military, some of whom die in service (particularly during the draft for Vietnam, I'm sure). American Public Media's Weekend America radio news "magazine" is exploring the topic of how some of the nation's smaller religions honor those who have died in service, including the Bahá'ís. Other than a local neo-pagan group I am not sure who will be featured, as I didn't have time to ask many questions.

As American Public Media is based in St. Paul, the Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá'ís of St. Paul was asked to help out with this segment. Tonight I went into the studio and recorded a couple of minutes, including reading the Prayer for the Dead as well as another more general prayer for the departed. I also answered a few questions briefly describing the origin of the Bahá'í Faith some 144 years ago, non-combat service due to Bahá'u'lláh's exhortations to non-violence, and the Baha'i sense of inclusiveness of other religions.

Assuming that I don't get cut, you should be able to hear my interview responses during the airing on Saturday, April 28th. In Saint Paul, this will be on 90.5 FM at noon. They also post their stories in two hour-long podcasts online.