Photos from Brussels

June 10, 2007

We spent Friday afternoon in the city of Brussels (Bruxelles), capital of Belgium and of Europe. There we met with a diplomat from the European Commission at their swanky headquarters; noshed on small sandwiches, juice and champagne with a deputy mayor at a former palace; and were treated to a wonderful meal courtesy of a local Catholic priest and lumber-yard owner. In other words it was interesting being there (most of the time), but not so exciting to try to write about. So I'll just share some photos instead.

(Click on a photo to see a larger version)

Me at the European Commission (bureaucratic arm of the EU).

Brussels City Hall, whose exterior is over 550 years old. It also served as a Ducal palace for several centuries.

A tapestry from a room leading out to a balcony, upon which the princes / dukes used to speak to the assembled masses below.

Me lounging in an Enlightenment-era red velvet covered chair.

The Grand Place from afore-mentioned balcony.

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Looks like you're having a good time!