Mmm, Tex Mex...

October 24, 2007

A NY Times columnist seems to get Tex Mex. Tex Mex, te queremos. Usted esta cubierto de queso y salsas de los chiles. Esta malo, esta bueno. Tengo mucho hambre cuando pienso en usted. Es la diedad de las comidas.

And now a brilliant series of words from a guest on tonight's blog (mi esposa):

in the beginning, the people were hungry
for they had waited long in the hot sun for a table
and then there was brought to the table cold water
upon which to slake their thirst
and the people saw that this was good and were happy.
but still they hungered.
then appeared the chips and salsa
and the people partook of the crunchy, dribbly goodness
and did stuff themselves mightily
and the people saw that this was good and gave thanks unto the waitstaff.

but still the people wanted, for their day had been  long, and hot, and
and they did raise their voices in supplication unto the waitstaff, crying
"the chips and salsa are good, but, lo, we hunger still!"
and the waitstaff smiled benevolently upon the people
and did cause various tasty morsels to appear:
carne asada
chile rellenos
and the people saw that these were smothered in queso and tomatillo sauce
and ate heartily of the dishes, and cried out in overstuffed joy, and
tipped the waitstaff in large denominations,
and the people were content
and it was good.

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