Hey Sexy! (that's not a good thing)

July 22, 2008

Somehow over the years I had never once encountered this in person; I had only been told about this happening. On a walk this evening up to the park, a guy leaned out of the passenger side of an SUV and yelled "hey sexy!" at my wife. Some would see this as a compliment. No. It is potentially-threatening verbal abuse, and we have to do better at educating society to cut this crap out. It ain't Egypt, but I'm not entirely convinced that this country is much better about public harassment of women.

Speaking of improper respect for women... with the caveat that I find Senator Hillary Clinton's press release a too partisan for my tastes... she and Senator Patty Murray have an insightful analysis of some ridiculous new proposed rules from the Department of Health. Major media coverage from ABC. Sadly this is the type of thing that it is nearly impossible to find reported without partisan overtones. I'm sorry, but a woman's access to contraception should not be impinged on by the whims of government policy or the religious beliefs of the local pharmacist. There is nothing partisan about that.