Dino Valley

October 17, 2008

"Vacationing" in the Dallas area, Dinosaur Valley State Park near Glen Rose, TX, is one of the few decent public properties around. Started driving out there on Tuesday, nearly called it a rain-out, but after heavenly fajitas at Taco Cabana, felt great and pushed through the storms. The river was surprisingly low but the hiking was good. My camera batteries were freshly charged, but apparently that doesn't mean much anymore — only managed to get about 10 photos in before it conked out.


I have to admit that, from a certain viewpoint, the logic was good: just outside the park sat a large "Creation Evidence Museum". The lack of ability to preserve photo evidence dissuaded me from all thoughts of publicly demonstrating my disdain and disagreement with that viewpoint (sometimes technology problems save us from ourselves). Thus you will have to take it on faith that the museum exists and I disdain it. Besides, how could you truly believe photo evidence anyway, as it may have simply been me and my friend The Gimp leading you astray? So here's another good photo of the foot prints that must have been made by vicious, nasty, and cruel hoaxster with big fake dino-prints strapped to their feet:


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