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Post-Industrial, Peace-Seeking Religion; or, Science With Purpose

August 23, 2009

Author Robert Wright has posted a long op-ed piece to the New York Times, A Grand Bargain Over Evolution, in which he discusses how the militant fringes of science and religion could come to a detente over the question of evolution. For example, he discusses how the religionists, who rely on the argument that the moral sense must have been injected directly by God, need to pay attention to recent research in evolutionary psychology that demonstrate how this could have come to be.

The Emotionally- and Spiritually-Deprived Creep

August 9, 2009

I've been thinking about how horribly wrong this is, that a man can rant and rave angrily, hatefully about women, walk into a gym and kill and injure several, and the news treats it as "just another" mass killing. This is not "just another". Violence is always wrong. When it is perpetrated by singling out a particular group, and that pattern is repeated over and over again, it is also indicative of a deep social ill. In this case, its name is misogyny.

Review - Gormenghast

August 3, 2009

Gormenghast (Book Two of the Gormenghast Trilogy)

Gormenghast – a word that fills the mouth, that undulates with waves of hard and soft, that tricks the tongue into thinking it can escape with a fading sibilance, only to be brought to heel hard fast with that final 't'. It is a magnificent word for the sprawling thing Mervyn Peake calls a "castle" in the book of the same name.

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