Good bye, Echo

January 29, 2010

No television show in recent memory has been so thought-provoking and forward-looking, in a real-Earth-future sense, as The Dollhouse. At times it waxed smarmy – but the point was more than just titillation, it was classic sci-fi exploration of what might happen when technological innovation and amorality come face to face and embrace each other.

Now the Dollhouse is gone. Few were spared, the story is over, it is time to put down the book. Return to real life. But think. Continue to think, continue to be aware, continue to push yourself to be the best a human can be rather than allowing yourself to sink to the worst.

Most inappropriately-timed commercial ever: OnStar showing how they can remotely slow down your car if it is stolen. I expect that there were an awful lot of Dollhouse fans who immediately swore never to purchase a vehicle with OnStar.