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Green Acre - The Future Center of Baha'i Learning in North America

November 2, 2007

Green Acre Bahá'í School, in far southern Maine, is already a center of learning. But one day it will be the Bahá'í center of learning in North America, or so, prophetically, has 'Abdu'l-Bahá said. Perhaps "exhortationally" is more accurate than "prophetically", since his prophetic words are themselves a directive to the Bahá'ís. And when you think about the number of colleges and universities that will need to be built in coming years in order to meet the demand of an ever-growing population, you realize it is not at all infeasible that there will, one day, be highly-respected school here.

The Harriet and Curtis Kelsey Center, photo via Bahá'í Media Bank

Mmm, Tex Mex...

October 24, 2007

A NY Times columnist seems to get Tex Mex. Tex Mex, te queremos. Usted esta cubierto de queso y salsas de los chiles. Esta malo, esta bueno. Tengo mucho hambre cuando pienso en usted. Es la diedad de las comidas.

And now a brilliant series of words from a guest on tonight's blog (mi esposa):

in the beginning, the people were hungry
for they had waited long in the hot sun for a table
and then there was brought to the table cold water
upon which to slake their thirst
and the people saw that this was good and were happy.

Pan's Labyrinth - Review

February 24, 2007

[Faun from the movie] Pan's Labyrinth is a rich feast for the senses that should not be approached lightly. Be warned — this film is not for the weak of stomach. But unlike the Prestige, the last film I saw in the theater, this one left me melancholy and in awe rather than wanting to scrape out my stomach lining.

I hear that some geeks are upset because the movie is generally considered a fantasy but doesn't really fit that genre neatly. What of it? Director Guillermo del Toro has so seemlessly interwoven the brutal reality of the Spanish civil war with magical escapism that it is impossible to say whether the audience is supposed to take the magic as real or imagination.

The Essence of Id

February 8, 2007

I am God, I am nothing,
God is nothing.
So goes my syllogism.

I am God, I am all, 
God is all.
So goes my intuition.

Nothing dreamed, and  so
I lived, born of a time
Destined for dust,
Born of memory,
Ancestor of mountains,
A heartbeat coalescing
In rapture across the land.

Inner Being speaks:
I am all,
You are all, you are god.

The Word breathes:
I am nothingness,
You are nothing, you are of God.

A Candle

October 7, 2006

Are you there?

All the darkness in the world cannot put out the smallest candle. The darker it is, more brightly shines the candle. instead of complaining about the dark search for your candle. Believe me; It exists.

Bloggers are plagued with people leaving "comment spam." Its hard enough to get good comments, but then you get hundreds of ones that are simply trying to drive up the search engine ratings of sex/drugs/etc web sites. Such was the post that contained the message above. And yet it is a fascinating, zen-like statement, worth reading a few times. In a careful search I cannot find this phrase appearing anywhere except as blog comments. Did some steal this from elsewhere, or did some spammer just come up with this gem on his own?

instead of complaining about the dark search for your candle.

Life From 30,000 Feet

August 27, 2006

Breathing, eating, sleeping. Typing, gardening, speaking. These things Evolution's end — but not my own. Life begets life, begets continuous wonder and love. Ambition brings no love, births no wonder nor praise for the Universe. Life must be praise, not ambition. Must be love, must be passion mixed with sense mixed with openness. Open to the Mysteries, open to the wide skies above the plain and deep places hidden inthe gorge. Open to the divine. Praise be to Thee, O Universe of limitless perfection. Grant that I may Live for Thee.

A Travel Poem

March 4, 2006

Travel tends to make me reflective, particularly as most of my travel is to interfaith gatherings or to visit friends and family. There was a time when I wrote poetry, of mixed quality, fairly often. Now the muses only seem to breath poetic stirrings into me through an airplane's compressed oxygen. This one has no title:


Life calls.

Meet her with silence.


Reveal yourself.

Greet him with listening.

In Spirit

April 24, 2005

A lonely flame chases away
The velvet embrace of dark
Claws extending toward my spirit.

Spirit not only lives but
Dies as the fire extinguished
By imbalance of nourishment.

The dancing gaiety ebbs every
So often blow the bellows,
Resuscitate soul, psyche, spirit.

Though she burns she is not sun,
Rather radiant rays of moonlinght
Captured under forests' eaves.

The forest is the father of my
Fears and bearer of my hopes,
Nursemaid of my dreams.

O live on forest!
Live on my hopes, my dreams!
Even the whispering fears too,
For ye are all but one—
In spirit.

by the way, this doesn't represent my current state of mind, just a place I've been before…

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