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Interfaith Education and Networking Opportunities

By Joel Beversluis

NORTH AMERICAN INTERFAITH NETWORK CONFERENCE: August 3 -6, in Wichita, Kansas. Join representatives of NAIN member organizations, religious and lay leaders, interfaith organizers, social, political and environmental advocates & others at RETURNING TO THE PRAIRIE: Roots and Vision, celebrating the 15th anniversary of NAIN's first conference. In 1988, 350 members of world religions gathered in Wichita. From that event, North American Interfaith Network was born. Now we return to discover a faith-driven vision for our world's future. NAINConnect'02 will be hosted by Inter-Faith Ministries in Wichita, Kansas, at Newman University from August 3rd- 6th. For details and registration, visit: http://www.nain.org/info/Connect2002.htm

General Theological Seminary in New York City is offering a course on "Religion, Art, Culture and the City" (July 8-12). Using the city itself as an instructional tool, the course will focus on how the city gives shape to both religious understanding and artistic expression. The course will include s concert, a theatre event, an architectural walking tour, visits to museums and cultural sites and a pilgrimage to "Ground Zero" to explore religious imagery that has collected there. Taught by GTS faculty J. Robin Wright, David Hurd and Robert Bruce Mullins, and celebrated artist Simon Carr. http://www.gts.edu/academic/contedsummer02.pdf.

The THREE FAITHS SUMMER SCHOOL of The Ammerdown Centre, Somerset, UK will sponsor a seminar on "Religion and Medical Ethics" (August 11-18). Recent developments in science and medicine raise profound ethical questions about the meaning and value of human life and the limits and purposes of scientific research. This course will consider Jewish, Muslim and Christian beliefs and teachings in the context of selected issues to do with medical ethics, in order to ask what resources these three religious traditions provide for helping to think ethically about the challenges and opportunities posed by science. Taught by Dr Tina Beattie, freelance writer, lectures in theology, with a particular interest in women's issues and liberation theology, Michael Hilton, a Reform Rabbi and author of 'The Christian Effect on Jewish Life',' and Sheikh Bashir Dultz, the spiritual leader of the German Muslim League. Vegetarian food will be served during this week. http://www.ammerdown.org/page15.htm.

"Religious Freedom: Europe's Story for Today's World" will be the theme of the 31st World Congress of the International Association for Religious Freedom (July 28 - August 2, 2002, in Budapest, Hungary) The programme includes plenary sessions on global aspects of religious freedom concerns, feature presentations on the challenges to religious freedom Europe has faced and is facing, special thematic lectures, workshops, devotional sessions, ceremonies and cultural evenings. The Congress will provide a forum for networking with people from all over the world who are working on a variety of religious freedom and interfaith issues. There will also be an "encounter area" which will be available throughout the Congress and people are invited to join other participants to discuss religious freedom and interfaith issues on an informal basis. (http://www.conferences.hu/iarf2002)

"Sharing the Sacred, Serving the World" The United Religions Initiative is holding its first Global Summit in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, August 18-25, 2002. Have you been thinking about taking action for peace but don't know where to start? Do you want to connect with others who share your passion for a better world? Looking to meet with those who are working with other interfaith groups at grassroots and regional levels, as well as internationally? The Rio URI Assembly promises to be an amazing meeting space where participants will be able to share past successes as well as co-create visions and concrete plans for the future. For more information, visit: www.uri.org.

Compiled by Joel Beversluis with Gilbert Friend-Jones

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