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About This News Service

By Joel Beversluis

Although I've sent out news ezines in some trial formats,previous issues have used other mastheads such as TheInterfaith Digest and the NAINews & Digest. Now, after setting up a more collaborative structure and a supporting web site,we've settled on a name: InterfaithNews.Net

So, please join us in celebrating this "rollout"!

Our focus is on the positive-news and ideas that promote understanding, cooperation and wisdom among religious,spiritual and interfaith communities. We'll gather information that serves these purposes, and, in a periodic turn-about, offer it to a wider audience.

This issue includes several articles relating to the events ofSeptember 11, 2001 as well as 2002. Others come from a growing list of contributors and organizations. For longer pieces, we've presented a short "digest" below, with a link to the rest of each story.

Please take your time to follow the links, because there's plentym ore good news, projects, events, and resources worth knowing about-much more than I can digest or reproduce here!

Previous issues have generated very supportive comments on theformat and usefulness of this service. Reflecting that support, the initial sponsors are the North American Interfaith Network, United Religions Intitiative and CoNexus Multifaith Media. Webmaster and interfaith enthusiast Stephen Fuqua ofDaystar Productions is developing web software to process the information flow more easily. We hope others will join us int his venture to make it truly global and representative.

Readers are encouraged to send this news along to your networks.One of the significant lessons that people and organizations are learning is the enormous value gained from collaboration anddeveloping relationships through networking.

In fact, we do need each other!Out of our diverse gifts and voices will come a greater whole.

Joel Beversluis is Editor of the Newsletter of the North American Interfaith Network and founder of CoNexusMultifaith Media.

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