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Joint Statement by 14 International Interfaith Organizations

Nearly a year ago, a loose coalition of international interfaith organizations issued the following statement. It's contents are still appropriate, and the links provide initial access to their programs.

In response to recent tragic events in the United States of America and ongoing conflicts with religious dimensions around the world, our international interfaith organisations offer our inter-religious dialogue expertise and resources to address the current crisis and promote peace building initiatives.

We have direct experience of bringing into peaceful and constructive dialogue the mainstream and marginalised, moderate and militant religious voices of our world. Working with the world's faith communities, we have found that inter-religious dialogue can help heal wounds caused by feelings of injustice, isolation, and inequality.

Our international interfaith organisations with their global outreach and networks offer peaceful alternatives to war. Contact us:

Our activities include:

  • working with religious leaders and activists in conflict situations throughout the world, including the Balkans and Africa
  • developing a voluntary code of practice for religious and belief communities
  • preparing a summit of religious and spiritual women at the United Nations in Geneva
  • giving voices to marginalised young people throughout Europe
  • internationally addressing issues of racism, communalism, conflict transformation, disarmament, security, the needs of HIV/Aids orphans, and religious freedom
  • bringing local people into locally rooted yet globally connected dialogue
  • contributing peaceful and constructive solutions to difficult situations
  • training young people for community based interfaith work and social action
  • evolving a Global Engagement Network of guiding institutions to address global critical issues
  • organising a Parliament of the World's Religions
  • creating active dialogues between faith communities and multilateral development agencies on poverty and development
  • hosting international gatherings to promote interfaith understanding and cooperative efforts for peace
  • making available a variety of information and educational programmes to encourage wide-spread spiritual, religious, cultural, intellectual and social reflection.

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