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The Next Parliament of the World's Religions -In Barcelona, 2004

By Joel Beversluis

The Council for a Parliament of the World's Religions (CPWR) is delighted to announce its next international event. The July, 2004 Parliament will be the signature event of a 141-day Forum of Cultures, co-sponsored by the Universal Forum of Cultures Barcelona 2004, with the support of UNESCO.

The decision to select Barcelona was made after a year-long process co-chaired by Helen Spector, a CPWR Trustee, and Travis Rejman, Associate Director for CPWR's Partner Cities Program.

"The political, social, and cultural climate of Spain, and Barcelona in particular, make it an ideal host site for the 2004 Parliament," noted Spector. Attendees of the Parliament will learn of the extraordinary reconciliation process headed by governmental, educational, cultural, and religious organizations to heal the historic wounds remaining from Spain's treatment of Jews, Muslims and the indigenous peoples of the Americas.

The Universal Forum of Cultures, the first ever of its kind, will take place in the northern seafront of Barcelona, in a 100 acre public park overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. The Forum, grounded in a commitment to constructive dialogue between cultures, will focus on three core themes essential to human progress and development: the conditions for peace, sustainable development, and ways to protect and promote respect for cultural diversity.

For more information, explore the CPWR's new, improved web site

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