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January 2004 Editorial and Introduction

Editorial and introduction to the January 2004 e-zine for InterfaithNews.Net.

We in the West tend to think of the Middle East as being home to the most world religions (the Abrahamic faiths), yet this statement is in actuality true of the ancient sense of “middle east” — India. In addition to the large Hindu majority (itself made of countless different expressions of faith), the land we now call India is the historical home Buddhism, Sikhism, and Jainism, and many millions of Baha'is, Christians, Muslims, and Zoroastrians add to local and regional diversity. With religious tensions that often boil over into violence in India as well as in (or with) her neighbors Pakistan and Bangladesh, it seems fitting that the World Social Forum should hold its annual gathering in Mumbai (Bombay) this year.

In this issue we bring you several reports from the World Social Forum, as well as other news and reports from the Indian sub-continent, a guide to listening in dialogue, and a call for a “new international order” from the Pope.

Please use these stories in your own local interfaith publications - just give a credit to InterfaithNews.net when you do. Thank you for being part of the loop!

- InterfaithNews Editorial Team

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