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2004 Walter Cronkite Faith and Freedom Awards Winners Announced

The Interfaith Alliance Foundation and Walter Cronkite announced in October the recipients of the 2004 Walter Cronkite Faith and Freedom Award: Rev. Dr. James Forbes, Bill Moyers, and Judith Davidson Moyers.

By The Interfaith Alliance Foundation

Washington, Oct. 13 — The Interfaith Alliance Foundation and Walter Cronkite are proud to announce the recipients of the 6th annual Walter Cronkite Faith and Freedom Award. This year the award goes to Rev. Dr. James Forbes, Bill Moyers and Judith Davidson Moyers. The award recognizes individuals who courageously promote democratic values, defend religious liberty, and reinvigorate informed civic participation.

Walter Cronkite and Rev. Dr. C. Welton Gaddy, President of The Interfaith Alliance and The Interfaith Alliance Foundation, will present the award at 7 PM October 20th at the New York Palace Hotel in New York City.

The 2004 selection committee was The Honorable Gerald R. Ford, Honorary Chair; Rev. Dr. Joan Brown Campbell; The Rev. Dr. C. Welton Gaddy; The Honorable John Lewis; Professor Elie Wiesel and Ambassador Andrew Young.

Rev. Dr. James A. Forbes, Jr.

Recognized in 1996 by NEWSWEEK magazine as one of the 12 "most effective preachers" in the English-speaking world, and designated as one of "America's greatest Black preachers" by Ebony magazine in 1984 and 1993, The Rev. Dr. James Alexander Forbes Jr. is the first African-American and fifth Senior Minister of The Riverside Church in New York City. Recently Dr. Forbes was featured in the New York Times for his work to provide an alternative vision about religion in the 2004 election to the one offered by religious conservatives.

Judith Davidson Moyers

Judith Davidson Moyers serves as president of Public Affairs Television, Inc, an independent production company. Davidson Moyers is an insightful and visionary producer supporting a common civic dream with her professional partner Bill Moyers. Her commitment to creating thoughtful, provocative and inspiring television programs is drawn from her priority for public discourse that challenges, inspires and educates the public on their civic responsibilities.

Bill Moyers

The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences declared Bill Moyers to be among the ten most influential journalists in television news. As one of the most recognized and respected journalists in America, Moyers uses his powerful voice of faith and reason from the platforms of television, books and speeches for incisive commentary, probing documentaries, and considered reflections on ethics and morality in American life. He retires this year from the long-standing PBS program, "NOW with Bill Moyers," as the most recent public example of his legacy of unwavering courage in the waves of social and political challenge and change in America.

Walter Cronkite

Walter Cronkite is the former CBS Evening News anchorman whose commentary defined America for almost two decades. His credo was to get the story, "fast, accurate, and unbiased"; his trademark exit line was, "And that's the way it is." Americans continue to hold him in such high esteem (he has been repeatedly named "the most trusted man in America") that his long-awaited autobiography, A Reporter's Life, debuted at number one on the bestseller list in 1996.

Walter Cronkite joined with The Interfaith Alliance Foundation to endorse its efforts to, in his words, "combat the excesses of the so-called Religious Right, a group that organized nationally to push a political agenda in the name of religious faith." In 1998 the Walter Cronkite Faith & Freedom Award was established to honor individuals who embody the values of civility, tolerance, diversity, and cooperation in the advancement of public dialogue and public policy on traditionally controversial and divisive issues.

Previous recipients have included Walter Cronkite; GLBT activist Donna Red Wing; ABC News anchor, Peter Jennings; U.S. Representative Chet Edwards; Oklahoma Observer editor "Frosty" Troy; NBC News anchor Tom Brokaw; CNN's Larry King; Microsoft VP Jawad Khaki, founder of the Ithna-asheri Muslim Association; U.S. Representative Amo Houghton; Rabbi Steven Jacobs, leader in interfaith dialogue, racial justice and labor rights; Ms. Kusum Patel, founder of the Gayatri Parivar Yug Nirman Hindu spiritual center; Rev. Dr. James C. Miller, Executive Minister of the Rhode Island State Council of Churches; and Rev. Chris Doss, Director of the Center for the Study of Law and Church at Samford University.

Several hundred supporters and friends of The Interfaith Alliance at the gathering will also honor the founders of The Interfaith Alliance as the organization celebrates its tenth anniversary.

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