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The Passing of Brother Wayne Teasdale

Brother Wayne Teasdale, Christian mystic, monk, and interfaith activist, passed away on October 20, 2004 after struggling with cancer. He was 59.

By Stephen Fuqua

Though I had only briefly met "Brother Wayne," I was saddened to learn of his passing on October 20, 2004. Brother Wayne was surely amongst the foremost blenders of Christian mysticism and activism within the world. Over the last several years, I had grown to have an inkling of his greatness in chance encounters with his voluminous writings on the future of interreligious cooperation. But not having known him personally, I will leave the proper obituaries to a few links and invite those of you who knew him to create accounts here, login, and leave your comments about Brother Wayne's life.

Prayer for the Sacred Community

By Brother Wayne Teasdale

O Blessed Source
eternal Lord of creation,

sustainer of all worlds,
you embrace the whole cosmos within yourself,
for everythig exists in you.

Let your winds come
and breathe your everlasting Spirit in us.
Let us inhale your divine Spirit and be inspired.

Enlighten us in your truth.
Pour your grace into our hearts.
Wipe away our sin and all negativity.

Transform us into your Love,
and let us radiate that Love to all others.
Inflame us with your unending life.

Dissolve our limited way of being.
Elevate us into your divine Life.
Give us your capacity to share that Life with everyone.
Shape us in your wisdom.

Grant us your joy and laughter.
Let us become that divine wisdom, sensistivity,

laughter and joy for all beings.

Let us realize fully that we are members
of that Sacred Community
with all humankind, wth other species,
with nature and the entire cosmos.
Grant us a heart that can embrace them all in you.

Let us be in communion with you forever
in the bliss of that Love:
the Love that sustains all
and transforms all into your Divine Radiance.

Brother Wayne Teasdale, in Sourcebook of the World's Religion, p354.

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