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SSIS: Updating Variables From Resultset Data

January 29, 2008

Problem: In SSIS, you want to update a variable from a Script Component embedded in a Data Transform task. You get an error message reading "the collection of variables locked for read and write access is not available outside of postexecute". What's up?

ssis resultset variables.jpg

Solution: Microsoft explains: "The collection of ReadWriteVariables is only available in the PostExecute." OK, so what now? It turns out that this is really easy. In your script, add a class-level variable. Make sure you instantiate it. In the InputBuffer routine, update the class variable rather than the external package variable. Then override the PostExecute method; in your override you assign the class variable back to the package variable. Example:

Public Class ScriptMain
     Inherits UserComponent

     Dim msg As String = String.Empty

     Public Overrides Sub Input0_ProcessInputRow(ByVal Row As Input0Buffer)

          If msg.Equals(String.Empty) Then

               ' This is the first row, so need to start the message with something
               msg = "The following blah blah blah...."
               msg += Environment.NewLine + Environment.NewLine
               msg += "Number" + Environment.NewLine
               msg += "------" + Environment.NewLine

          End If

          ' Append new lines with each Row. "MyNumber" is the name of a column in a SQL query resultset
          msg += Row.MyNumber.ToString().PadLeft(8, " "c)
          msg += Environment.NewLine

     End Sub

     Public Overrides Sub PostExecute()

          Variables.ReportMessage = msg.ToString()


     End Sub

End Class