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Identifying Highly Fragmented (and important) Indexes

May 23, 2008

Problem: SQL Server 2005 queries that used to be fast are now rather slow. You've already tuned the query with good indexes and optimized structures. You've checked the running jobs with Activity Monitor and don't see anything that should be slowing down the server. Likewise you've checked the memory and CPU utilization and they don't seem out of line. Did you check the indexes fragmentation? Ah, there's the problem – a highly fragmented index was slowing things down. Is there a way to pre-emptively find and fix these?

SSIS: Access Is Denied from SQL Agent

May 1, 2008

Problem: I have an SSIS package, MyPackage, stored on MyServer in the Package Store. I create an Agent to run the package, running under a SQL account hooked up to a proper proxy and credentials for Windows authentication. Works in development, doesn't work in production: the agent gets the error Connect to SSIS Service on machine "MyServer" failed: Access is denied.

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