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Configuring Apache (Wamp) With Additional Ports

August 22, 2008

Years ago I knew how to configure the Apache webserver, back when I was a grad student / Linux admin. As any reader will have figured out, I've been a Microsoft-centric programmer for a number of years now. Thus it is not surprised that I would have forgotten some basics about Apache.

RS and XSLT, pt3.3: Using XSLT for Custom Reporting Services Output

August 17, 2008

We recently returned to the discussion of using XML style transforms to format flat file output from Reporting Services. The report we created was pretty basic, so let's look at something more complex: a fixed format.

Let's say the client has given us the following file format, and we've trimmed the data in the SQL query to make sure it doesn't exceed the data width:

RS and XSLT, pt3.2: Using XSLT for Custom Reporting Services Output

August 17, 2008

(Hm, forgot to continue this a few months back...)

In the third installment of a series, we defined some intended flat file output, designed a simple report in MSSQL Reporting Services, and looked at the plain XML output from Reporting Services. Now, long after that post, we can create and apply the XLST needed to convert that report to the desired output.


August 17, 2008

You've written requirements. You've created a detailed use cases, and unit tests, and reviewed all three. Code is delivered, passes system testing, moves on to UAT. Whoa, holdup there fella, where's the data validation that prevents the user from doing X? Its right there in the requirements. What happened? Not only was it missed in the unit testing (and possibly use cases), but it was missed in the review process as well.

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