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Notes on Configuring CruiseControl.Net

December 17, 2011

Recently I began carving out some time for using CruiseControl.Net in earnest. The book Continuous Integration in .Net was, and I'm sure will continue to be, of great help. Nevertheless, I think it will behoove my own memory, and perhaps help a few others, to record some notes on a few practical details.

Reggie - Regular Expression Generation/Testing Tool

December 15, 2011

I've started a new project on CodePlex, called Reggie, and posted the initial working source code. Reggie's goal is to be a simple developer tool for writing and testing Regular Expressions. It is inspired by the venerable Regulator tool and will be created in WPF using the MVVM pattern.

Mythical Man-Month: Planning for Change

December 11, 2011

Part four in a series. In the chapter titled "Plan the System for Change," Dr. Brooks again lays out the foundations for Agile software development. His was an era of dumb-terminals and highly scheduled availability. And yet, here he is saying, "plan to throw one away; you will, anyhow." When RAM wasn't cheap, and good programmers even more rare than today, how does a project manager or architect justify throwing out the first design on purpose? By recognizing that "[t]he only question is whether to plan in advance to build a throwaway, or to promise to deliver the throwaway to customers."

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