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November 24, 2013


Expanding on the TACKLE model presented in Unified Theory of Software Development.

This is a technical blog, right? Why would I mention this virtue? In Management 3.0, Jurgen Appelo suggests in Do-It-Yourself Team Values that the various Agile, Lean, XP, etc. principles are, quite simply, virtues. Teams should pick a small number and focus on them. "Kindness" is not among the 50 virtues he suggests thinking about, but it should not come as a surprise that that my rationale for "kindness" will overlap that of many other virtues, such as "helpfulness," "mindfulness," "tactfulness," and "service." Each of these single words offers a slightly different window into an ineffable world of human goodness, and I choose "kindness" for this theory. First, a minor digression.

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