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Making Mockery of Extension Methods

April 10, 2014

Recently I have been looking at ServiceStack's OrmLite "Micro ORM" as a light-weight alternative to Entity Framework. It is relatively easy to use and very powerful, with capability for both code-first and database-first development. After learning the basic interaction, it was time to flip back into TDD-mode.

And then I found quite the challenge: I wanted to write unit tests that insure that I'm using OrmLite correctly. I was not interested (for the time being) in testing OrmLite's interaction with SQL Server itself. That is, I wanted behavioral unit tests rather than database integration tests. Time for a mock. But what would I mock? This ORM framework makes extensive use of extension methods that run off of the core IDbConnection interface from the .Net framework - so it would seem that there is no way to take advantage of Dependency Injection.

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