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Using QUnit and SinonJS for JavaScript Testing

May 31, 2014


Basic was the first language I learned. Well, partially, in 8th grade. On Apple IIe at school and a Packard Bell 386 PC at home. A few years later, JavaScript came out and it became the first "modern" language I used. As an undergraduate physics major, I found it useful for quickly generating sample data or running some numerical approximations (simpler than Mathematica). Then I wrote a few web minor pages with DOM manipulation, before any of the modern frameworks had come out. I went to work, used it occasionally, but never had any excuses in work or home life to do more than dabble. The revolution was passing me by.

Principles and Patterns of Test Driven Development

May 29, 2014

Developed to help introduce key topics in Test Driven Development, for new and veteran developers alike. Some examples are language-specific (C# / MSTest / Moq), but the principles apply to any object oriented language.

easy : simple :: lazy : efficient

May 17, 2014

Which would you rather drive across?

As a "team lead" software engineer, I feel that an important part of my role is to ensure that the code is simple, but not necessarily easy. In fact, when I hear a developer say that "using this approach is easier," I have to fight the urge to lower my tail and growl menacingly.

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