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Node.js, Web API, and RabbitMQ. Part 1

July 29, 2014

Desiring to learn about both Node.js (particularly as an API server) and ASP.Net Web API, I decided to throw one more technology in the mix and see which one is faster at relaying messages to a service bus, namely, RabbitMQ. Naturally, such a test does nothing to prove that one framework is generally faster than the other, but it is a fun exercise nonetheless.

Thus the challenge is this: accept a string message via POST, forward it to the service bus, and return HTTP Status Code 202 (Accepted) along with an acknowledgment that repeats the original message. Both REST services should be self-hosted; free from additional cruft like error-handling*; and should utilize an url like http://localhost:port/Message/mymessage, where "mymessage" is the string to be sent across the bus.

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