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Project T: Getting Started With Continuous Delivery, part 1

February 17, 2015

"Project T" is a temporary codename for a web application that I have begun developing off hours. Having just read The Phoenix Project, and now reading Continuous Delivery, I realized that the first step in creating a minimum viable product is to have a minimum viable process for continuous delivery, with no financial budget for that process. The solution combines a Microsoft Azure VM, GitHub, TeamCity, NuGet, Bower, Grunt, MSDeploy, and SoapUI. The result is this: as soon as I commit code to the version control system, it starts an automated chain reaction that ends with a complete install on my integration test servers.

Performance Test Harness

February 10, 2015

A lightweight performance test harness for Windows console apps: PerfTestHarness on GitHub. Includes some fun use of C# 6 property initializers, string interpolation, nameof(), and expression bodied functions.

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