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NuGet-ey and Chocolatey Tips, or, Getting More out of NuGet Packages

August 23, 2015

NuGet has been helping .NET developers maintain package dependencies for a number of years now, and any good dev should know the basic operations from within Visual Studio – how to add, update, and remove packages in a solution, using the NuGet Gallery. But to use only the NuGet Gallery is to know only half – or less – of the story. You might be missing out on…

  • Testing out pre-release versions of your projects key dependencies.
  • Reverting to older versions of libraries.
  • Stand-alone tool installations using NuGet.
  • Full-fledged Windows installations using Chocolatey.
  • Placing your custom packages into private repositories.

Here are a few tips for moving toward mastery of this crucial part of the .NET development ecosystem.

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