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FlightNode: Git Repository Consolidation

January 16, 2016

FlightNode technical memo, describing the rationale and process of consolidating several Git repositories down to a single repository.

Read the full article on the FlightNode project site.

FlightNode: Beta 1 Use Cases

January 12, 2016

FlightNode technical memo on the release of the first beta version.

The first beta release of FlightNode is now alive and in the hands of testers. So what's been delivered?

Read the full article on the FlightNode project site.

FlightNode: Logging

January 6, 2016

FlightNode technical memo.

"Wow, you'd think nothing had been happening for the past two months. But that's not the case at all. There are now 6 different GitHub repositories (perhaps a few too many). November and December were heads-down coding months. But now the product is almost ready for an MVP launch... and that has me thinking about error handling. Specifically, logging."

Read the complete article on the FlightNode project site

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