Climate Stewardship 2005

February 20, 2005

Global climate change is undeniable, and could be devastating to our economies (around the world) and way of life, far more so than the small economic damage that could occur by limiting green house gas emissions. Please show your support for the McCain-Lieberman Climate Stewardship Act. Read on for more information.

The following is the letter I sent to my Minnesota reps in Congress:

The conclusions of the vast majority of climate scientists are inescapable: the global climate is changing in rapid and detrimental ways, largely due to human-generated greenhouse gas emissions. There is room to debate the exact parameters, intensity, and impact of climate change. However, an objective look at the international scientific community's findings will reveal a united viewpoint on many observations: the warming of the poles; shifting of rainfall patterns; increased variance in ocean salinity, and other findings related to "global warming." While predicting the future has always been a risky and rarely-rewarded undertaking, humanity cannot afford to assume that the disastrous effects predicted by climate scientists are exaggerated.

This past week 140 nations celebrated the launch of the Kyoto Protocol, which is merely the first international step in reducing human-impact on the climate. The treaty is not perfect, and there may be valid reasons for the United States not to participate. But these do not excuse us from taking a stand and working to reduce American greenhouse gas emissions, the effects of which will sadly be felt most strongly by poor third world nations.

The Climate Stewardship Act, a bipartisan bill co-sponsored by Senators John McCain and Joe Lieberman, will do much to propel the United States in the right direction. It will begin to reduce our impact on the climate and encourage continued development of energy-efficient innovations — which themselves could be significant boon to the economy.

While it is not the ultimate solution, let all who wish for coming generations to inherit a healthy natural environment rally around the Climate Stewarship Act, that it may pave the way for renewed public debate and responsible, sustainable environmental management.

If you support the Act, please immediately contact your Congressional representatives and invite your own friends and family to do so as well.

Look up your representatives and contact Congress directly:

Or use an impassioned form letter to reach the House and Senate: