Vikings Win!

September 25, 2005

As the final synthesized horn-blast rang through the stadium, what was left of the purple crowd roared its approval of the first Minnesota Vikings win of the year (in 3 tries). After an abysmal performance against Cincinnati last week (37-8, 7 turnovers), the Vikings managed to hold on to the ball for the entire game, run well, and look crisp in the passing game despite Daunte Culpepper’s banged-up knee and the absence of their top receiver, Nate Burleson.

It felt strange to be sitting inside a dome while the weather was perfect for gridiron mayhem: mid 60s, drizzly, and gray. Of course I understand that the weather would be … a bit challenging … in a few months, but it just seems wrong to be playing this hearty sport in climate-controlled conditions. Apparently the team announced this week that they’ve convinced Anoka County (north of Minneapolis) to tax their citizens in order to build a retractable roof stadium. So we’ll get the best of both worlds, but ridiculously at the consumer’s expense (it’s a sales tax).

Two facts you won’t learn watching the Vikings on TV: they have a fight song and they have this horn-blast (alluded above) that plays after every first down.