Turn Off Your Lights For An Hour March 29

March 16, 2008

The World Wildlife Foundation is promoting an initiative for people all over the world to turn off their lights for an hour on March 29th for Earth Hour. As you no doubt know, home energy use results in a substantial amount of greenhouse gas emissions. Turning off for a single hour won't make a dent in climate change. But it could be a powerful moment of solidarity, of experimentation, of making a very small difference. I would love to walk around on the 28th and 29th, comparing the amount of light in the neighborhood each night. But I'll be traveling on the 28th, ironically landing in Austin during the hour.

Which reminds, I need to go assuage my conscience with some extra carbon credits. TerraPass says that I need to offset 938 lbs of CO2. But I prefer going through a non-profit, so I'll probably support the Nature Conservancy's new Tensas River Basin Project.