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About InterfaithNews.Net

Reacting to religious fanaticism and the challenges of advancing and sustaining a more equitable civilization, a global interfaith movement has sprung from the grassroots of religion and spirituality. InterfaithNews.Net (INN) seeks to chronicle this movement by focusing primarily on positive interfaith and religious news, events, and resources.

INN was founded in 2002 by Joel Beversluis, late of CoNexus Multifaith Media, and Stephen Fuqua. The intent was to create a useful repository for interfaith news and stories on the Internet. With the support of the United Religions Initiative and the North American Interfaith Network, INN was launched in August of 2002.

Sadly, Joel passed from this world in the spring of 2003, leaving behind a loving family and a wonderful body of work and contributions to the interfaith movement (particularly of note is his Sourcebook for the World’s Community of Religions). The remaining collaborator then took over editing of the site, and continues to this day.

We are always looking out for volunteer editors and writers, as well as new organizations with which to join in partnership. We’re excited about the future, have some wonderful people involved, and think that INN will grow into a truly valuable and useful resource. Please contact us if you are interested in working with INN in some fashion.

We are grateful to the United Religions Initiative for their financial support of InterfaithNews.Net and continued assistance in promoting and distributing the bimonthly newsletters.

Articles and questions can be sent to editor@interfaithnews.net.

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