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March 2003 Editorial

Introduction and editorial for March 2003 e-zine mail out.

By Stephen Fuqua

InterfaithNews.net began basic operations in the late summer of 2002, with Joel Beversluis of CoNexus Multifaith Media as its primary editor. Its purpose was and is to provide a window into the world of religious and interfaith activity aimed at securing a better world through the triumph of unity over division, of love over hate. Joel was diagnosed with cancer in autumn, temporarily halting the nascent network. This wonderful man passed out of this world in mid-March, and in his memory and in recognition of his tremendous service to the interfaith community, and by extension the whole planet, the remaining editor is all the more determined to see this dream become a meaningful reality.

Exact guidelines and parameters for content do not exist at this time. Discussions with funders and partners have identified many possibilities. The world does not wait for perfect conditions, but perhaps this is the perfect time to breath life back into this initiative. We'll work out the details as we go.

In the midst of war and the diplomatic struggles leading up to it, social activists from all across the spectrum have continued their vital work to make the world a better place to live in. Perhaps said war will add to their efforts; perhaps not. This writer cannot say. The latest site news brings reports and stories from the Brazil, Germany, Israel, Pakistan, and the United States, as well as articles on the current activities of the U.R.I and Parliament of the World's Religions. Finally, we turn to the Global AIDS Interfaith Alliance, or GAIA, in what we hope will be the first of a regular series highlighting different interfaith organizations.

For the present, updates will occur on a monthly basis. Submissions of stories, news reports, book reviews, and more are welcome-though please bear in mind the non-political nature of this site*. We hope you too are excited by the potential inherent in this endeavor, and will stick around to watch its evolution unfold at InterfaithNews.Net.

May peace prevail on Earth,
Stephen Fuqua
Publisher and editor of InterfaithNews.net

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