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October Editorial

By Stephen Fuqua

Dear Readers,

When Joel Beversluis and I launched this site four years ago, we had a bulleted list of purposes for the site and newsletter:

  • Provide an independent and central forum for news about inter-religious groups and programs, including access to newsletters of diverse interfaith organizations around the world.
  • Highlight good news and positive actions and activities of religious, spiritual and inter-religious communities.
  • Provide information about and links to selected resources and media such as inter-religious organizations and directories, religious web sites and viewpoints, multifaith materials and web sites, and other sources.
  • Provide an alternative to traditional media coverage of religion and spirituality, and provide a reputable, common source for journalists to draw upon.
  • Provide forums for invited columnists and occasional other contributors to relay analysis or personal views on issues of wide interest.
  • Offer this content in several electronic formats.

Over the years, the web site has taken on a few new identities and now hosts 156 articles. We’ve received praise from many individuals and thanks for the work of providing the newsletter. We’ve had generous help from a number of individuals and groups, particularly through our associations with the United Religions Initiative and the North American Interfaith Network.

Reality check: though there is plenty of news to be told, it grows harder and harder to find the time and motivation to continue with InterfaithNews.Net as a one-man show. Case in point: this newsletter was intended to go out several weeks ago, in mid October really, but here it is a week into November and it still will not go out for a few days. Personally, I remain inspired by interfaith work and wish to continue facilitating news and stories about it; I am particularly inspired when I see the great communities that other sites have developed, such as the one at my favorite blog, WorldChanging.

I know that there are people reading this site — our web traffic logs show that — so what do you want to see, and are you willing to help get there? Any potential bloggers or regular writers and editors out there? Send your thoughts to the e-mail address below or post them in a comment in this story (on the Web site) . The stories below make for interesting news, but do not even scratch the surface of the countless inspiring, uplifting stories of interfaith cooperation for peace, justice, and sustainability that are waiting to be told.

Ultimately, as I do not have the time that I would like for this effort , I want to recruit either a handful of qualified, regular contributors and/or a managing editor to coordinate more regular and frequent site updates. Please let me know of your interest.

Peace be with you,
Stephen A. Fuqua
Editor, InterfaithNews.Net

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